Publish first, write later: how can I make it easier?

🎉 I am writing these notes at Brick, a magical mystery no-bullshit publishing platform. Turns out writing goes much faster when I don't have to hit “Publish” or do git commit.

You can use it too — check it out at

Usually I write a post and then publish it. What if I did it the other way round?

Well, somebody would immediately open it and see an empty post. Oh no! But does it matter much? Five people will see an empty post, twenty people will not. I care about those five, but not that much.

I only get ideas after talking to people. When starting a Twitter thread, I only get ideas after publishing the first tweet. I want to be able to do the same with posts.

A problem with posts is that they have to be standalone units of information. This is the model I have in my head. This is what posts are for.

The model I want to have instead is "posts are to see what happens". You write something, you show it to people, you see what happens. Might be rambles — but rambles can still lead to something. Someone will relate, someone will argue, etc.

Right now, I feel like a clock is ticking. Like if somebody will come here, they will see an incomplete post, they will think "boring", and they will never come back.

Perhaps this can be solved with technology. Indicate that the post is in the process of being written. Push live updates. Flash the page. Yeah, this can work.

Woo-hoo, I came up with something! So it wasn't useless after all.

Another idea: timestamps. Generally, a more Twitter-like interface. I want to press a button and a timestamped "section" will appear. Whoa. I want that in Brick.

Okay, I'm satisfied. The experiment is over for now.