How to get to Cyprus, November 2020 edition

Cyprus is great. I am currently in Larnaca and I really like it.

However, getting to Cyprus is currently not super easy, thanks to Covid restrictions. Here is what you should know.

Country restrictions

You must have visited only these countries in the past 2 weeks: Country categories.

If in the past 2 weeks you visited any country that is not on the list, you can not go to Cyprus—unless you have permanent residency in Cyprus. It doesn't matter whether you have done a Covid test or not.

Flight pass

Regardless of the country you are flying from, you need to fill in a form at Covid Flight Pass before the flight.

Either print out the result or show a PDF on your phone's screen. Either is fine.

Covid test

If you have visited a country in the category "B" in the past 2 weeks, you must have a PCR Covid test, sampled 72 hours before departure.

Rapid tests are not accepted. Must be a PCR/qPCR test.

The test must be accompanied with a "travel certificate". If you do a test in a public hospital, they will tell you the result but you will not get a travel certificate. A private test costs €50–200, depending on the country.

The result of the test must be uploaded into your Flight Pass before your flight to Cyprus. Unless you are a diplomat, are flying from Italy, or have permanent residency in Cyprus, you can not take a test on arrival.

If you have a multi-hop flight, you have some leeway. For instance, if you are flying UK -> Serbia -> Cyprus:

  • You can do a test in the last 72 hours before the UK->Serbia flight, and fill in the Flight Pass before the UK->Serbia flight.
  • Or you can do a test in the last 72 hours before the Serbia->Cyprus flight, and fill in the Flight Pass before the Serbia->Cyprus flight.


There is a lockdown in Limassol and Paphos, effective until at least November 30. Everything is closed and there is a curfew from 8pm. Nobody can enter or leave the Limassol and Paphos districts. This is a pity because Limassol is the best city in Cyprus.

Larnaca and Nicosia are not under lockdown, and everything is still open there. The curfew is from 11pm. You have to wear a mask in all public spaces, indoors or outdoors.

Immediately after arrival to the Larnaca airport, you are allowed to go to Limassol/Paphos. Otherwise you are not. You can also go from Limassol/Paphos to the Larnaca airport—I think. Haven't tried this myself.

Schengen visas

A Schengen visa, or a national visa of one of the EU countries, can be used to enter Cyprus. See the official requirements for more details.

Cyprus stays do not count towards your Schengen stay limit. That is, if you have 10 days left, you can be in Cyprus for 10 days and then in Schengen for 10 days. If you use up your Schengen stay days entirely, you can not visit Cyprus.