Against concision

[...] whatever his strengths, Scott has still not learned the virtue of concision.

— @danlistensto, Jan 21, 2021

I want to push back against this.

I love verbosity. Here are my reasons:

I enjoy some people's writing. I enjoy the dry humor in them (see "5. Use microhumor" in Nonfiction Writing Advice), etc. I don't want Scott's posts to be short. I also don't want my favorite TV shows to be short, and I definitely don't want them to be movies instead of shows, even if they could be movies.

I need time to think about something—and the longer the post, the more time I have. Same thing with books: they are more convincing than articles are. If I want to really believe something, I will read a book and not an equivalent-content article. It takes time to smuggle a worldview into my head. Even better if it's one point spread across many different articles. Books and long articles are spaced repetition done for you.

Finally, people often use a topic as a pretext/canvas to talk about other interesting things. Scott, Taleb, Peterson are all doing this, peppering their writing with links and stories and life advice and what-not. I don't want them to stick to one topic—I like that I get a bunch of unrelated stuff whenever I read Scott's writing.